Steal My Secrets Ireland Travel Planning Webinar

A Comprehensive Guide for Planning a Trip to Ireland

ABSOLUTELY, I would recommend Stephanie's Travel Planning Webinar for ANYONE who decides to plan a trip to Ireland on your own terms. We are so glad we did! 

The information from Stephanie's webinar has been an invaluable resource in all areas and we find ourselves constantly referring to it during planning. The webinar and resource package covers all practical issues from car rentals and driving to packing and cell phone usage. 

We are so much more confident and prepared for our trip and know it will be the best one for us. It feels like we've been sitting down with a good friend that is as excited as we are to make it happen. 

THANK YOU, Stephanie! 

Christine Hart


About Your Travel Coach

Stephanie Chastain

Your Ireland Travel Coach

Hi there! I'm Stephanie! 

I am so excited you're planning a trip to Ireland.  I went to Ireland for the very first time on my honeymoon in 2006 and have been traveling back with my hubby, Joe (and now our little one, Alexander), ever since. 

When I am not plotting my next Ireland escape, you can find me snuggling with Alexander (read: chasing him everywhere) or devouring chocolate peanut butter cup ice-cream. 

I help people create intimate and immersive trips to Ireland where experiencing the country, the culture and the people is the top priority (along with having lots of fun!). 

I can't wait for you to go to Ireland!